Bill sex personals

Craigslist has deleted its personals section after a bill passed by congress would hold them liable for advertisements for sex work on their. Screengrab from craigslist website on thursday, craigslist shut off its personals section after congress passed a bill aimed at curtailing sex. Craigslist has shut down its personals section and will no longer host classified ads for people searching for sex, love, friendship, or anything. Craigslist shut down its personals section on friday in response to the passage of hr 1865, the fight online sex trafficking act (fosta) bill,. Legislation is intended is to curb online sex trafficking by holding website operators more accountable for their users' activities.

Craiglist's personal ads have been around since 1995, the early days of this week the us senate passed a bill to fight online sex trafficking,. (the house version of the bill, the allow states and victims to fight online sex trafficking act (fosta), passed in february) on thursday. Online classified site craigslist has pulled its entire personal ad section after congress passed a new sex-trafficking bill that puts more liability.

March 23- classifieds website craigslist has closed down its personals section following the passing of a bill that aims to curb online sex. The bill makes it easier to sue websites that allow sex traffickers to post ads tech companies had fought the bill, saying they were not. Craigslist says it made the change because of the fight online sex trafficking act, which is meant to crack down on sex trafficking of children. The action comes after the us senate on wednesday passed an anti-sex trafficking bill that could hold the website and others responsible for.

The bill would hold websites accountable for hosting sex trafficking content by allowing authorities to pursue sites that knowingly permit it, and. Hey, what happened to the personals on craigslist and to reddit's the bill attacks all sex workers, not just traffickers it's like passing a bill. Craigslist issued a statement friday expressing fear that the bill could open the site to legal liability and that it had to suspend the personals.

Its blurry interpretation of sex and commerce, as well as the bill's short order, sex work networks nightshift, cityvibe, and furry personals site. Congress gave final approval on wednesday to legislation that strengthens the policing of sex trafficking over the opposition of many internet. In response to the senate passing hr1865, an anti-online sex trafficking bill that has the potential to seriously harm consenting, adult sex.

Bill sex personals

The new legislation was billed as protection against online sex trafficking including backpagecom and craigslist's personals section — have. The bill alters a law that has long helped shield the website backpage and its classified escort ads from prosecution. The website said that the bill, which removes protections from liability for facilitating trafficking, made it too risky to maintain its personal ads.

  • Craigslist removes personals section after approval of anti-sex trafficking bill the company said its shutting down the personals section.
  • Craigslist removes 'personals' section after congress passes sex trafficking bill.
  • Advocates for sex workers also criticized the bill as depriving them of a to stop hosting the ads and that the victims couldn't sue the sites for.

And other sites may follow suit, in order to avoid potential lawsuits. Craigslist has shut down its personals section in the united states after the anti-sex trafficking bill includes penalties that use fines and. In the wake of this week's passage of the allow states and victims to fight online sex trafficking act (fosta) bill in both houses of congress. Craigslist & reddit removes personals display amid sex trafficking act as a result of the bill, making sites liable for hosting sex trafficking.

Bill sex personals
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